The Peann Louie (CBD Pen)


Terpene Profiles - 100% Hemp
- Indica Hemp Extracted Terpenes
- Sativa Hemp Extracted Terpenes
- Hybrid Hemp Extracted Terpenes

Cannabinoid Profile
- CBD 53%
- CBC 6%
- CBG 1.5%
- CBL 0.6%
- CBDv 0.5%
And other minor cannabinoids below 0.2%


-Indica: Evening & Night Time use 

-Sativa: Anytime during the day

-HybridAnytime during the day

Zero Additives
No MCT, No VG/PG, No Vitamin E, No Nicotine, No Flavouring

Ready to Use
- Inhale activated
- Premium full spectrum CBD extract with real hemp terpenes
- Prefilled with 0.5ml of CBD oil extract (no filling necessary!)
- Rechargeable 350mAh battery
- Discreet design, leak-free guarantee
- True-taste ceramic core vapor production

CBD | Is it legal? is it legal?


CBD is legal in EU countries

CBD – Cannabidiol is the one of the 2 major ingredients found in Cannabis plant (among many, many other beneficial ingredients). It is important to point out that it is not psychoactive and does not cause the so-called ‘high’ therefore safe to use.

Cannabidiol is listed in EU's Cosmetics Ingredients database and Food Catalogue

All cosmetic products are made of, or with hemp oil from seeds of a hemp plant. This oil is obtained in process of cold stamping of hemp seeds. It is classified as food supplement, not medical product. Our edible products are produced with hemp flour also obtained from hemp seeds.

Disclaimer: For potential benefits of CBD reviewed by Health Products Regulator Authority please click here. Please note that all products available in our store are food and/or dietary supplements and not medicine. You can read more on CBD status on Always consult your physician or a qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health and wellbeing, or on any information expressed within this site. Please seek the advice of your physician before taking supplements of any kind or stopping any medication.

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